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4 points of product packaging design

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-02
Packaging is for products. It is important to have a safe and convenient packaging design. There are many aspects to the practicality of packaging. For large items or fragile products, packaging design needs to focus on how to better protect the product through materials. If the product is to be placed on the display of a retail store, the product packaging needs to show itself as the most beautiful one like a proud peacock. At this time, the PVC plastic box, transparent plastic box, color printing plastic box, matte plastic box Pet plastic box, pp plastic box packaging design needs to spend more thoughts on packaging visual expression. ? 1. Pick the right packaging materials We should conceive the packaging design of the product like an architect. No one would want to live in a house made of cheese. If so, it would be disgusting to think of the bad smell in summer. Similarly, we should not use the wrong materials to build a house for products. When the product is in it, it can be treated with the same respect as users. When choosing packaging materials, you need to think about how to achieve an optimal balance point. There are several commonly used materials for reference: ? PVC / PET transparent film: Usually used as folding boxes and packaging envelopes, this material is environmentally friendly, highly transparent, and can present a perfect printing effect. Most suitable for packaging food, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, 3C hardware products and other retail products. ? Frosted film: The substrate is also PVC / pet / pp film, but in the material production process, rollers are used for frosting to make the material more textured. What is more special is that different sand feeling and patterns can be customized, so take some time Take the initiative to feel the different packaging materials and find the best match. This is the basic skill of creating excellent product packaging. ? 2.Design the right packaging size ? Size is related to consumers' purchasing needs and purchasing habits. Let's imagine going to the supermarket to buy bananas. If we find that bananas in the supermarket are packaged individually instead of the current one-by-one packaging form, think about how wasteful! You probably won't buy this single plastic-packed banana, right? Although this method of individually packing bananas is not working, this does not mean that there is no market demand for other products in a single independent packaging. In fact, many food companies have added this type of packaging to match the real consumer demand. For many people who are too busy to cook, this single pack becomes a very convenient choice. These people spend most of the day on social entertainment, so it is easy to handle a meal casually. This gives many brands the opportunity to meet this consumer demand by designing independent packaging. This trend not only requires designers to rethink the visual design and practicality of packaging, but also realizes what packaging size can match the newly growing market demand. The key point is: Size is important, but you must always think about your end users. Size is the final form of presentation, and the core is consumer demand. ? 3. Ergonomic design on the packaging The ergonomic design here is about how people will open the packaging and the interactive experience that occurs in the process. This is also a very important part of the packaging design process. We design suitable packaging shapes and sizes for different products. At the same time, packaging is designed to meet the needs of consumers. The interactive experience has some originality that can impress users. For product packaging design, ergonomic design is very important. If people are struggling and frustrated when unpacking a product, this will greatly reduce the user's willingness to make a second purchase. ? 4. Packaging design requires deep understanding of end users When choosing the right product packaging, one of the most important things to remember is to understand your end users. Because only these talents are the group you finally want to please. This sounds easy, but when we are a product design or manufacturer, it is easy to ignore this. The habitual thinking of roles and positions can easily form our blind spots. This blind spot will often cause us to appear wrong in packaging design Zhang Guan Li Dai. The result is that most users think that what you do is completely out of expectations, and it can only be a toy. In order to attract customers, it is necessary to fully understand whether they represent a niche market for a niche group or a mainstream consumer market. Before finalizing the design decision for mass production, we must do our homework, do market research, find more and more objective data, and use actual data to define the key indicators that the design needs to meet. Only then can your product sell out earlier. ? Choosing the right packaging for a product can be a difficult choice. The quality of packaging design, whether it is for large or small enterprises, will have a great impact on the brand user experience. Therefore, you need to investigate before you start packaging design. Fully consider the purchasing habits of consumers and the consumer groups that the product faces, and design packaging for this group to meet consumer preferences, so that your products can stand out from the competition of their peers and achieve better sales performance.
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