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Development trend of degradable plastic packaging

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-12
Degradable plastic packaging is used more and more frequently in our lives. In the current form, the advent of degradable plastic packaging has indeed provided a lot of convenience for our lives. At the same time, plastic packaging manufacturers have also harvested a lot of Profit, but in this rapid development process, there are still a series of problems that have not been resolved. Today, the plastic packaging network will discuss with you the development direction of degradable plastic packaging. 1 research and development of new additives Efforts are made to develop new types of auxiliary products, and at the same time, it can also optimize the combination of different types of additives (such as photosensitizers, stabilizers, etc.) to improve the degradation effect. However, for photodegradable plastics, the development direction should be based on stability as the main purpose, and on this basis, the efficiency of photodegradation should be further improved. 2 reduce production costs Scholars of Plastic Packaging Network pointed out that in the research process, on the basis of satisfying high performance and degradability, it is best to reduce production costs by using a certain proportion of low-cost materials and optimizing production processes. Will make degradable plastics gain more advantages in the market. 3 Policy support The government needs to formulate more specific, more complete and detailed regulations, and it should strictly manage the price, brand, and degradable standards to ensure the improvement of environmental protection methods. At the same time, extensive publicity is needed to make people more aware of the importance of using degradable plastics. In addition, the government may provide certain financial support or subsidies to related enterprises in the economy. 4 vigorously promote double-degradable plastics Compared with ordinary plastics, double-degradable plastics have more advantages. First of all, it has the dual characteristics of photodegradation and biodegradation, which overcomes the influence of natural conditions to a certain extent, and can complete the degradation process in the absence of light or insufficient light. From a technical perspective, it is easier to develop and promote. Therefore, China should focus on giving play to its technological advantages and vigorously promote this plastic. Although China has made good achievements in the research and application of degradable plastic packaging materials, there are still many shortcomings. As mentioned in the article, the degradation technology of degradable plastic packaging materials is not mature enough and the production costs are high. Therefore, future research will focus on the systematic modification of existing degradable materials, optimization of production processes, reduction of Develop new degradable plastic packaging materials.
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