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Do you know the advantages of cosmetic packaging

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-05
With the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, plastic hoses are loved by many people. It has been favored by many cosmetics companies for its light weight, easy to carry, strong and durable, and recyclable. So far, the most commonly used cosmetics packaging is aluminum-plastic composite hose. However, why are aluminum-plastic composite hoses so popular and what are the advantages? 1: barrier properties Aluminum foil has good light-blocking, oxygen-blocking, and water-blocking properties. It can prevent external substances from invading the interior of the cosmetic, prevent oxidation and deterioration of the cosmetic, and prevent moisture loss in the cosmetic. The fragrance ingredients are radiated to the outside through the hose, and the quality of the cosmetics is guaranteed from this time, allowing customers to use it with peace of mind. Two: low cost Compared with other all-plastic composite hoses, aluminum-plastic composite hoses use less material, so the cost is greatly reduced, and the economy is more advantageous. Three: printability Plastic hose has good adaptability to processing printing. It uses dry offset printing and this printing ink is UV-drying, has strong adhesion and is not easy to fade.
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