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How to avoid deformation of plastic bottles during

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-02
Now, in the market, every company has its own idea, and its idea is not only reflected in the product, but also in the outer packaging of the product, especially some large beverage companies. There is also a certain tendency, often in line with their own ideas, more user-friendly plastic bottles will be more popular and easier to get orders. The more successful beverages often have their own appearance characteristics, which make consumers understand at a glance. Plastic bottle manufacturer Plastic bottle is a kind of container with high rigidity and beautiful appearance, which can be used and displayed in different working places. Common shapes of plastic bottles are round, square, oval, etc. From the application perspective, you can choose according to different application needs. The thickness of the plastic bottle is uniform, and the printing surface is smooth. The liquid plastic bottle should be provided with reinforced structures such as handles and grooves. In order to avoid deformation, corresponding treatment methods should be adopted in the production process. plastic bottle 1. Deformation caused by hot filling: Fill as much as possible at room temperature. In order to achieve the purpose, you should choose to extend the circulation pipe or install cooling equipment to avoid this phenomenon. 2. Deformation caused by weightlessness: Use plastic bottles with different barrier materials to achieve a good blocking effect and reduce deformation and other phenomena. In general, plastic bottles are widely used in different work areas as a dry packaging method and are very popular in shopping malls. It plays an important role in the packaging mall.
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