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How to choose suitable packaging for your product?

How to choose suitable packaging for your product?


The nomal plastic packaging box mainly include PP packaging box,PET packaging box,APET packaging box,,PVC packaging box,and the first four type belong eco-friendly packaging..

The big difference from plastic packaging and paper packaging is transparency,consumer could view the product inside directly,we usually use clear packaging for clients,for special need,we also use semi-transparent matt material

Here are many advantages for plastic packaging comparing to paper box

1. Good Transparency as I mentioned above

2. dust-proof, water-proof,keep product best status

3. Anti-corrosion, anti-acid, alkali, anti-oil to protect product

4. Light weight,High strength, scratch resistance, impact resistance.

5. More colorful effect on the plastic packaging

Everything has two sides.plastic packaging also had bad advantage comparing to paper packaging

1.production scale much smaller than paper packaging,lead to the price is higher

2.PVC/PP/PET belong Chemical polymer,The process for making plastic sheet could Release   harmful substances

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