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How to dispose of used plastic packaging boxes?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-30
At present, all sectors of the society are more and more agree with the concept of green environmental protection, especially the management of waste plastic packaging products is very strict. The recycling of plastic packaging waste is considered to be the most effective way to control environmental pollution, and to effectively use resources and save energy. So how to deal with the waste plastic packaging box? Plastic waste recycling and processing technology Plastic packaging waste recycling and processing technology is roughly divided into three types: recycling technology, incineration to obtain energy or raw materials technology, and landfill technology: recycling is a kind of most active promotion of material recycling The recycling method is an effective recycling method for protecting resources and protecting the ecological environment. This method can be divided into three methods: recycling, recycling, mechanical processing and recycling, chemical processing, recycling and recycling. Recycling recycling means that there is no longer a processing process, but directly reused after cleaning. (2) Recycling by mechanical treatment Including direct recycling and modified recycling, two types of direct recycling mainly refer to waste plastics, which are directly plasticized after being crushed in the pre-treatment, and then processed and granulated. This method is mainly used for leftovers and residues in the production process of packaging products. They can be directly sent to the hopper and used simultaneously with new materials without any pretreatment. It can also be used although it is used, but it is very clean without any Contaminated plastic containers, etc. Secondly, after separation and washing, drying, crushing and other pretreatments, especially for contaminated products, firstly rough wash to remove impurities such as sand, stones, gold, etc. to prevent damage to the machine; then dewater by centrifugation, then send it to the crusher and then carry out Fine washing to remove impurities from the inside of the package. After washing and drying, it is directly plasticized or granulated. The objects are generally packaging containers, pockets, films, etc. of various uses and shapes. Or it needs special pretreatment. For example, PS foam is large in volume and difficult to enter into processing machinery. Because different types of products use different defoamers, the purpose of publishing and printing and reusing is to improve the basic mechanical properties of recycled materials to meet the needs of children with special quality for recycling.
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