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Is the relay packed in a packaging tube? YIJIANXING

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-13
The role of the relay is several points. It can expand the control range, control high-power circuits, comprehensive signals, automatic, control remote monitoring, etc., and its usage is considerable. Manufacturers of relay packaging tubes are watching the appearance of relay products. The relays are small in size, and many relays have pins, either thick or thin. Relay packaging tube When choosing a packaging, what kind of packaging has the function of protecting the pins, I will introduce you. For relays with pins, it is better to choose rigid packaging. The rigid packaging has metal, plastic boxes, and plastic relay packaging tubes. The metal cost is relatively high, and it can be denied. The plastic box is wide and easy to shake. The remaining plastic tube is the best choice. The packaging tube is highly customizable. The packaging tube design plan is formulated according to the product's external dimensions, leaving enough space for the pins to make the pins contact the wall of the tube. The ribs will also be designed to fix the relay body, but a small amount of space will be reserved for the relay body to give the relay good protection, and to ensure that the relay can enter and exit the pipe smoothly. Another key factor is the manufacturer's ability to design packaging tubes. Lianchuang has been designing and developing packaging tubes since it started producing packaging tubes in 2006. Customers who helped design the packaging tube were satisfied. Relay packaging tube When storing the relay packaging tube and using the packaging tube, there are some precautions to pay attention to. First, do not store it in a high temperature environment or use it in a high temperature environment, which will shorten the service life of the tube. Secondly, keep away from sharp objects to avoid being damaged by sharp objects. Relay packaging tube ????For the acceleration of the update of electronic components, Lianchuang continues to innovate and accelerate the development of more styles of relay packaging tubes, so that it is tough and strong, and does not jam. Help customers improve production efficiency.
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