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Matters needing attention when using solid plastic bottles

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-31
In life, solid plastic bottles are everywhere. Some food plastic bottles we usually buy are used for making utensils, so we need to know the issues that should be paid attention to when using solid plastic bottles: plastic bottle 1. Solid plastic bottles should also be easy to use. The opening of the mouth of the solid plastic bottle should be convenient, and can be opened and closed at will, which is convenient for pouring out and will not cause splash injury to people. In product design, it should be based on the design requirements of different functions, such as anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting functions. 2. When printing solid plastic bottles, it should be printed on the most concentrated part of consumers. The printing surface must be smooth and clean. If the surface of the printing bottle contains handles, grooves or reinforcements, the design should avoid inconvenience to printing and the design must be reasonable. 3. Solid plastic bottles must have a strong external carrying capacity, be able to adapt to various transportation and storage, and be protected from damage. plastic bottle 4. The solid plastic bottle has a certain beautiful shape on the display of the product. This piece can attract the attention of customers. At the same time, the solid plastic bottle has a beautiful color, clean surface, and transparent, which can give customers a sense of beauty and comfort. Customer eyes. 5. Bottles of different colors can display the product series, you can see the type and model of the product. Transparent solid plastic bottles can display the color of the internal items and the purity of the items; translucent solid plastic bottles can be semi-hidden or completely hidden inside the items, transparent solid plastic bottles can contain different colored items, and can be printed on the surface. Consumers disseminate information.
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