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Pet plastic box: choose it, you can't go wrong!

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-14
PET plastic box refers to an outer packaging box produced by using a raw material called polyethylene terephthalate. It has the characteristics of good rigidity and brittleness, high environmental protection, high transparency, and strong resistance. Can be widely used in food, high-tech electronics, cosmetics, and other products that require higher product packaging. So what advantages does it have, let's explore together. 1. High environmental protection PET plastic box is a kind of highly transparent material, so it can also show a lot of beautiful features for the packaging of a series of electronic products such as mobile phone batteries, mice, headphones, etc. The product packaging also has high environmental protection requirements. When the quality is guaranteed, while taking into account the low carbon, pet plastic boxes can be well combined. 2. PET transparent plastic box can be perfectly combined with printing technology In fact, the packaging boxes of many products in life use pet plastic boxes, but not just simply using simple pet plastic boxes, but the perfect combination of pet plastic boxes and printing technology. The secondary processing of the box makes the finished PET box used in more fields. The sense of high-level appearance is upgraded at a glance. Of course, it is also because of the high transparency of the PET plastic box that it is conducive to the mutual combination with printing technology and molding, and has become the outer packaging of many high-end products. 3.Various forms ?PET plastic box is suitable for offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, silver stamping and matte due to its highly resistant properties. It can be drawn into multiple forms of presentation, so it can often be used as a kind of packaging for the gift's outer packaging during the holiday season, which undoubtedly gives the merchant an advantage that can be used. Of course, for the packaging of high-end products, the price and cost may be higher than other outer packaging, which is also an aspect that everyone will consider when choosing it. All in all, the usefulness of pet plastic box is still very great.
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