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PVC packaging tube for electronic components originated

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-15
At present, many electronic component manufacturers use PVC packaging tubes to package electronic components, and Yijianxing has specialized in manufacturing for 14 years and has also received many customer support. See what kind of professionalism of Yijianxing's PVC packaging tube? Let's look at the preparation work before our production of pipes in the first year. We first communicate with customers to understand their needs; then we can develop corresponding plans according to customer needs. And ask customers to provide product appearance size drawings, of course, it is better to send them in kind! Designing the packaging tube according to the real thing is more conducive to improving the dimensional accuracy of the packaging tube. After the package tube plan was finalized, it was fed back to the customer for confirmation, and the mold proofing was confirmed. In the production of molds, the accuracy of the molds is an important factor. Therefore, we require the mold making suppliers to ensure the accuracy of their dimensions. It is for this reason that it takes longer to open a mold than other production packaging tubes The mold opening time of the manufacturer is longer. Finally, the tube samples will be sent to the customer for confirmation before mass production! Yijianxingpvc packaging tube manufacturers take good care of the mold and perform regular maintenance on the mold. In terms of mold selection, we also noticed that during the production process of the mold, friction occurs. There will be losses. We choose good stainless steel materials. Compared with iron materials, steel is more durable. pvc packaging tube ????Good PVC packaging tube originates from Yijianxing's rigorous approach to tube production, ensuring that the size of the tube will not be jammed, helping customers to realize automated production.
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