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PVC packaging tube packaging hardware gadgets

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-17
There are several types of packaging materials used to package hardware gadgets. Some hardware gadget manufacturers have chosen PVC packaging tubes, which have originated from many years of non-card materials to create packaging tube manufacturers. Let me state it! pvc packaging tube ????What are the advantages of PVC packaging tubes? First, the transparency is high. A customer once asked us to print an eye chart on the wall and look at the eye chart through a tube two meters apart. We can still see where the opening E of the eye chart is. To customer requirements. This is very useful for quality inspection or spot check to ensure quality! Second, to help the production on the automated production line, the packaging tube can be placed on the customer's automatic fixture, the rubber stopper or nail of the packaging tube can be pulled out, and the small hardware fittings in the tube can be smoothly slid out. Scheduled for production. pvc packaging tube ????There are a few things worth mentioning in the storage of PVC packaging tubes. Do not squeeze the packaging box with excessive force. Although the tube itself is strong and tough, excessive force may deform the tube. pvc packaging tube ????Yijianxing has also made certain achievements in the field of PVC packaging tubes for hardware accessories. For R & D personnel who develop PVC packaging tubes, it is only a trivial matter. Our R & D personnel said that we need to develop more suitable packaging tubes for customers to help customers realize Automate production goals and create extraordinary results together.
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