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Shenzhen connector manufacturers love transparent

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-16
?For some types of connector pins, the pins are susceptible to external forces, especially during transportation. If there is no good packaging, what will happen to your product? A transparent PVC pipe that can protect the connector is already on the market, and it is from the hand of YIJIANXING who has 20 years of experience in the development and production of packaging pipes! Why is YIJIANXING transparent PVC pipe loved by connector manufacturers? First of all, because the pipe has tough and solid points, the pipe is made of new materials, and the pipe produced will not crack after a few hard knocks. This gives the connector a good guarantee during transport. There is also can be applied to automated production! For modern production, the improvement of efficiency is one of the enhancement of our own competitiveness. When we develop pipes, we have designed for this aspect. There are also many customers who use our pipes to successfully automate production. ?When using transparent PVC pipe, the heat resistance of the pipe is general. If it is deformed under high temperature, it may be deformed, so it is best to stay away from high temperature. ????We specialize in the research and development of transparent PVC pipes for component manufacturers. It is our responsibility to take care of customers' products. To this end, our R & D staff will develop tubes that meet customer needs according to customer needs.
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