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What are the advantages of pvc packaging?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-23
One thing you may not know is that among plastic packaging, PVC packaging is better than other plastic packaging, which is mainly reflected in the products packaged by PVC. The visibility is higher than that of general plastic packaging, and its hardness is moderate and it will not It's perfect, it won't be too soft. In addition, there are many other benefits of PVC packaging, which are described in detail below. 1.pvc packaging can resist physical or chemical corrosion of foreign objects, so its durability is very strong. 2. The raw materials used in pvc packaging are relatively manufacturable. If there is a defect in the product, the product can be repaired by welding and bonding. Such a product is not afraid that it cannot be used again after it is broken. Increase Its own use value. 3.PVC packaging is generally used to hold food because it has three advantages for keeping food fresh. If it is packed with fruit, this is a very good choice, because the moisturizing effect of PVC is still recognized by everyone. Fruits are used to pack them, and they are not afraid of excessive water loss, reducing their own nutritional value. And using PVC to pack hot food, you are not afraid to hold a hot hand, because it has good thermal insulation effect and weak thermal conductivity. So from this, its thermal insulation effect is also a great advantage. 4. Many plastics are prone to aging due to exposure to air, and they are usually scrapped after a few months. However, PVC packaging is more resistant to aging than the commonly used plastic products, so its useful life will be a little longer. 5. The sealing of pvc packaging is a little better than that of ordinary plastic. 7. The extensibility of pvc packaging is good. Some children's toys are made with such materials, and the guarantee of quality will be loved by many children's parents. After all, such toys are not afraid that children will easily break.
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