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What are the characteristics of PVC packaging boxes?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-13
What is a PVC box? In fact, it is a plastic-type packaging box that easily decomposes when exposed to heat. In the market, PVC packaging boxes have become very common, so it must be something unique. So let's find out what are the characteristics of PVC packaging box? 1. Wide application, high comprehensive performance index In the market, many of your common products are actually made of PVC boxes. For example, many packaging curtains and shower curtains are very daily necessities, but amazingly, they are actually PVC packaging materials. In addition to these, PVC packaging boxes can also be used in many toys, gifts, hardware, medicine, clothing and other internal and external packaging. It can be seen that its scope of application is really extensive and is reflected in all aspects of life. 2. Easy to shape, suitable for many shapes and types Why can PVC packaging boxes be used in different areas of life? One big reason is that because PVC packaging boxes are easy to shape and have strong moldability, they can be made into folding boxes of various shapes. There are naturally more types of products that can be tried. Already. In addition, PVC packaging boxes can be attached with rich color combinations according to different product needs. Therefore, it is very popular with everyone. 3. Low price Secondly, PVC packaging boxes are not only widely used, but also a very low-cost material in terms of price. The quality is reliable and the price is quite low. 4. Low-carbon environmental protection In China in recent years, low-carbon environmental protection has always been a topic of continuous discussion, and it is also very concerned about the low-carbon environmental protection of a product. The PVC packaging box is not easy to break and can be used repeatedly, so it has the characteristics of low carbon and environmental protection. The above are the characteristics of the PVC box. Have you got it?
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