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What method does Zhongshan transparent PVC pipe

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-14
There are two main production methods for plastic production, injection molding and extrusion. Zhongshan yijianxing transparent pvc pipe manufacturer uses extrusion production method. The extrusion process requires some cutting tools to cut the transparent PVC pipe. Yijianxing manufacturers with many years of production experience will choose different cutting methods according to the diameter of the packaging tube. Transparent pvc pipe manufacturer What method will the transparent PVC pipe manufacturer use to cut it off? One is the sawing tube of electric saw, and the other is automatic cutting by automatic cutting machine. The electric saw is suitable for packaging tubes with a large diameter, which is good for protecting the nozzle and preventing cracks, but this will cause burrs. We consider that burrs may scratch customers' products and are not aesthetically pleasing, so we will arrange manual burrs. The cutting speed of the automatic cutting machine is slightly faster than that of the electric sawing machine. The pipe is disconnected after being cut with a knife, and the pipe mouth is smooth. Unedged process. Yijianxing has been cultivating transparent PVC pipes for 14 years. There are standards for what kind of pipe should be used. Transparent pvc pipe manufacturer ????Years of production have allowed yijianxing transparent PVC pipe manufacturers to accumulate rich experience and are skilled in production management. The production process is suitable for the pipe to ensure the quality of the pipe.
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