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What pp plastic boxes do you have in your home?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-24
We all know that steel alloys are common and relatively strong materials, but steel alloys are usually cold and cold to the touch, and more warm and soft materials are needed in family life. Fabric curtains, bedding, etc., wood tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc. are all materials that make the home warm. In addition to these, there is another very important material-plastic. Plastic is also a soft material, such as pp plastic boxes commonly used to store items. So which pp plastic boxes do you have in your home? 1, storage box made of pp plastic box In a family's life, there will always be some items that are no longer useful but are not willing to discard them, and need storage boxes to sort them into storage. There are many types of storage boxes, commonly made of cloth and alloy. Cloth is often used to store clothes, but in the south, it will be easier for the clothes to get wet. Alloys are often used to store the remaining materials for decoration and large items that are not commonly used. Most people are more inclined to choose pp plastic box, which is more versatile, not only can store clothing, storage tools, but also emergency medicine at home, children's toys, used books, choose a decorative pp plastic box, It can also be used to store stationery. 2.Reconstruction of PP plastic box PP plastic boxes are cheap and can be used to transform into new gadgets after storage. Combining the larger PP plastic boxes can be used to make peculiar shapes of bonsai, and you can also plant larger plants. Imagine having a small grove on your balcony. It is also good. In addition to transforming pp plastic boxes into flower pots, they can also be used to raise small animals, which is easy to clean and cheap. Seeing this, do you think of any pp plastic boxes in your home? Put new ideas into action when they are born!
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