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What process does pp plastic box customization require?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-24
Now many products need to be customized for some PP plastic boxes in order to highlight the product features or the packaging is unique, and the market demand for such products is increasing. Now the market demand for PP plastic boxes is also relatively large, especially for customized products. PP plastic boxes are more popular in the market. If you want to get better pp plastic box products, we need to understand the production process of the product first, then what is the process of pp plastic box customization? 1. Provide orders to the factory This order not only contains the quantity we need, but it is best to communicate with the manufacturer to determine the quality of PP materials, the unit price of custom plastic boxes, etc. before placing the order. In addition, if we have other special needs for pp plastic boxes, we also need to provide the relevant requirements to the manufacturer, such as what patterns we want to print on the plastic boxes, and what characters to be engraved, etc., must be provided in advance. 2. The factory prepares That is, the factory purchases the relevant raw materials according to the customer's needs, and then cuts and covers the raw materials according to the customer's needs. Because the raw materials are all one piece, the factory needs to cut into small pieces that are similar to the customer's requirements. The process of laminating is mainly to prevent the plastic box from being damaged in the subsequent stages, and to play a good protective role. 3. Packing for production acceptance This is the final and most important process of pp plastic box customization. The factory needs to print the relevant pattern fonts according to requirements, and then use the set props to carry out beer. After the beer is finished, it is glued. Now generally, automated machines are used. The operation has reduced a lot of time and cost, and the speed has been improved a lot. In the end, the merchants carried out acceptance and packaging and shipping.
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