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What should I do when the color box is processed?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-10
Color boxes are currently widely used in food packaging, cosmetics and other markets. And there are a lot of values, and the development of color boxes in the appearance is also constantly innovating and renovating. So what should I do about the problems encountered in the processing of color boxes, such as bursts and corners? Shanghai Shuchang Packaging Products Co., Ltd. provides relevant information on making and customizing color boxes. If these situations occur, you need to pay special attention. The steel wire in the dark line has a knife edge and an interface. Because the interface is not smooth, tearing will occur during die cutting. When the sponge pad of the crimping knife is improperly positioned, a crimping burst may occur, and deformation and damage of the crimping knife may also cause crimping burst. Whether the matching of the knife and the thread on the die is reasonable. In particular, the thickness of the paper was not taken into account in the design. The knife and the wire could not be effectively avoided in the overlap. Interference occurred during the molding, which caused the force to be concentrated excessively and burst. Due to material quality issues, the paper's moisture content is too low and the paper becomes brittle. This phenomenon occurs more often in winter. Due to the dry and cold weather in winter and the low relative humidity in the air, it will directly affect the moisture content of the paperboard, resulting in the phenomenon of paperboard breakage after creasing. Fine notches cause a reduction in tensile strength. Improper pressure causes bursting, and there is a foreign body in the indentation groove of the bottom plate, which causes the pressure to increase sharply during die cutting. This is a common cause of bursting in production and is also a destructive cause. It will break the dark line as a whole, resulting in product scrap. The choice of steel wire thickness and indentation bottom groove width does not match the paper material. According to the requirements of the die-cutting process, different steel wires should be used for different papers, as well as base plates with different thicknesses and different dark line groove widths. If they do not match, it will easily cause the dark line to burst. How to improve specifically, there is a burst caused by foreign matter in the indentation groove. During the production, the intensity of sampling inspection should be strengthened, and the inspection should be performed once at 200 sheets. This problem is relatively intuitive and easy to judge. It is necessary to clean up foreign objects in time and keep the bottom plate clean. If you find that this is the case, you should re-launch the plate immediately, and lock the die-cut plate and the base plate. An improvement plan regarding bursting caused by film quality. Change the raw materials of the film, change the direction of the upper paper feed, modify the die cutter blade, extend at the knife connection and U-shaped corner, and raise the pressure line at the aircraft hole by 0.5mm-0.7mm, slowing down Cushioning force when folded. For different materials, the R angle of the die must be greater than the thickness of the material when designing; the matching position of the knife with the line and the plane hole must not interfere or interfere during the forming, and reasonable avoidance should be made, especially the main line of the corrugated product during the forming Burst easily occurs in the same direction as the tile direction.
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