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What to look for when buying food plastic bottles

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-04-03
Plastic products are popular among consumers for their light weight, durability, and impact resistance. There are various plastic products for food packaging on the market, but the quality of the products varies. How to choose and use plastic products for food packaging? Food plastic bottle Look at the appearance: If the appearance of the product is rough, there are molding defects, the color is incorrect, there are impurities, and the printing quality is poor, it is best not to choose. Products with substandard appearance quality will affect the visual perception of consumers. At the same time, products with substandard appearance often have poor internal quality, which affects the use of the product. If the printing quality does not meet the standards, it will affect the aesthetics. When the printing quality does not meet the standards, other products will be contaminated and other products will be contaminated. Smell: The main reason for the smell of plastic products is the use of recycled materials and inferior additives. The pungent odor of odor products will damage the human respiratory system, so it is best not to choose. Try it yourself: Some products are very bright in color and attract consumers ’attention. When using pigments, poor quality dark products are found in these colors. The material is usually an industrial coating. Consumers can check by themselves whether the selected dark product is qualified: pour a little edible vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball. If the absorbent cotton ball is stained with color, it is recommended not to rub the dark plastic product back and forth 100 times, which indicates that the product does not meet standard. To prevent pigments from penetrating into the food, it is recommended not to use dark plastic products. Do not want to be cheap: Not only can the internal quality of the product be simply judged from the appearance, but some products look very beautiful, but the raw materials used do not meet the national health standards, the internal quality of the product is difficult to guarantee, and the internal quality cannot be judged with the naked eye. China has included food packaging products in the scope of production license management. Consumers are advised to purchase products with the QS logo from regular malls and supermarkets, and do not buy products with extremely low prices. Food plastic bottle In order to prevent small molecules from entering food, in order to prevent small molecules from entering food, consumers are advised not to use plastic products for too long. If you use it often, or if you look deeper and bruise from the appearance of the product, you should replace it. If you are willing to abandon a plastic product, the molecular chain breaks in the aging part, and small molecular substances increase. In order to prevent small molecular substances from entering the food, some people suggest that consumers do not use it for too long.
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