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Why do people like to buy PVC boxes?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-25
At present, there are many types of packaging boxes on the market, which are roughly divided into these two types: made of different materials, but the same style: there are different types of packaging boxes, but the materials are different. In this article, I mainly take you to understand the PVC packaging box. 1. What is a PVC packing box? The PVC packaging box is made of PVC material, however, the PVC material is made of a PVC resin. Moreover, PVC resin is relatively heat resistant! 2. What are the advantages of PVC packaging boxes compared to other packaging boxes? The first point: PVC packaging boxes are relatively heat-resistant. Because the material of the PVC packaging box is made of a heat-resistant resin, the PVC packaging box is relatively heat-resistant in use. The second point: the development of PVC packaging boxes is relatively early. When our country began to study packaging boxes, the earliest developed packaging boxes were PVC packaging boxes. Therefore, more people use PVC packaging boxes. 3. Why do people like to buy PVC boxes? First point: Due to the earlier development time of PVC packaging boxes, currently, the manufacturing technology of PVC packaging boxes on the market is very mature, so PVC packaging boxes are more of a product on the market. Therefore, it is cheaper to buy PVC packaging boxes. The second point: the use of PVC packaging boxes is relatively wide. We can pack everything in a PVC box. After all, when there were no boxes at the beginning, we used cloth or paper to wrap things. The PVC box is also the earliest one. The third point: PVC packaging box is made of resin. When it can not be used, it is easier to decompose and it is more environmentally friendly.
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