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Why do we need plastic products?

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-12
The simple answer is that plastics are so versatile that banning them is unrealistic. The plastic bags you see are just a small part of the plastic industry. Because the material of plastic is characterized by a high specific strength (that is, the ratio of material strength to material density), it is indispensable in modern industry. For an airplane, for example, the interior of the cabin is mostly plastic. If the use of plastics is banned and replaced with steel, the aircraft will become heavy. Therefore, 'plastic instead of steel' has always been a trend in weight-sensitive industries such as automobile and aircraft. The use of plastic will only increase, not decrease. Plastic Plastic, as its name suggests, is a plastic raw material, which is very convenient to process. For example, the plastic bag you hate is a process called bubble blowing, similar to blowing bubbles. The thickness can be tens of microns, which is equivalent to the diameter of hair, but it can bear several kilograms of vegetables and fruits. and many more. Not to mention the low cost is less than a few cents. It is difficult to have something so useful and cheap at this level. To solve the white pollution problem caused by this plastic, it mainly depends on garbage sorting and recycling. In fact, plastic is a material that can be reused. Most plastics can be melted by heating and remade into new objects. In addition, there are many plastics that can be degraded, such as polylactic acid plastic, but the main problem is that these things are too expensive, so they have not yet become popular. But I believe this is a trend.
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