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Why the MOQ of plastic packaging tubes are so high

by:Yijianxing Plastic Products     2020-03-18
Every industry has unwritten regulations for each industry, such as the high MOQ of plastic packaging tubes, which can be considered as the regulations of the packaging tube industry! This regulation is not to be difficult for customers, but a cost issue, as long as the manufacturer feels that even a small amount of packaging tubes can be made and done. ???As for the MOQ of plastic packaging tubes, it is because they need to re-install the mold, adjust the machine, and measure the size for each tube. This process has already taken a master for half a day. ???For example, our company uses automated equipment to produce packaging tubes. After the size of the machine is adjusted, if the tube size is small, 1,000 tubes can be prepared at once without taking half a day. In general, the small amount of plastic packaging tube is expensive in the cost of startup, not the cost of the tube. Therefore, the minimum order quantity of packaging tubes will generally be high, unless it is in stock, this will be discussed separately. Yijianxing's plastic packaging tube has good transparency, easy quality inspection, high product size accuracy, uniform wall thickness, not easy to deform, stable elasticity, tough abrasion resistance, etc., which makes our plastic packaging tube more suitable for automated production line product packaging.
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